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There are 9 Chapters in the District of Berkshire. The following table details where and when they meet. Enthronement meeting dates, when a new Sovereign of a Chapter is Installed, are underlined and anotated with an "(E)".

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Bombay, No. 18


History of Chapter


Sindlesham Court

RG41 5EA

1st Friday in March

4th Friday in May

4th Friday in September (E)

Albert Victor, No. 117



Sindlesham Court

RG41 5EA

4th Thursday in Feb

3rd Monday in June (E)

4th Monday in October

Windsor Castle, No. 252



Windsor Masonic Hall,


1st Thursday in February

1st Thursday in May

1st Thursday in November (E)

Sinodun, No. 548



Council Chambers, Abingdon,

OX14 3JE

4th Friday in January (E)

4th Friday in April

4th Friday in September

Maidenhead, No. 613



Sindlesham Court

RG41 5EA

4th Friday in April

4th Friday in June (E)

4th Friday in October

St Cecilia, No. 811


History of Chapter


Sindlesham Court

RG41 5EA

3rd Monday in February (E)

1st Friday in September

1st Friday in December

Donnington Castle, No. 856



Newbury Masonic Centre,

RG14 1JW

2nd Wednesday in May

2nd Wednesday in June

2nd Wednesday in August (E)

Thames & Chiltern, No. 1075



Sindlesham Court

RG41 5EA

or as directed

1st Thursday in  July  (E)

2nd Thursday in January

Wallingford Castle, No.1165


History of Chapter


Wallingford Masonic Centre,

OX10 0DU

3rd Saturday in January

3rd Saturday in March

3rd Saturday in November (E)


Newly Perfected...


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Keith Tilling 1932-2019

Thames & Chiltern Chapter No.1075

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Robert Ebdon 2019

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

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David Barham 1940-2019

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

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Nick Murzell 1948-2018

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

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