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Wallingford Castle Chapter No 1165 - Report: 18th Nov 2018

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2018 Annual Church Service Report

Sunday, 29th October

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Les Wilson 1936-2017

St Cecilia Chapter No.811


There is so little we know about our fellow brethren until it comes to that time when we research and read out their Eulogy. In this case I must thank Brother Steve Hieke for all his help as Les’s Chapter Almoner in his section of research on Les.

Les was born on the 12th July 1936, in South Kensington, he was the third of 5 children. He is survived by the two remaining sisters. In 1949 the family moved to Rohampton and as a young boy Les joined the Boys Brigade and was very active with them for many years.
As a young man Les became involved in boxing and managed to box his way to a very good standard. He was also a very keen rower and rowed for the National Provincial Bank team achieving high success and winning many medals and cups. His other leisure activities included fishing, camping and going away with his friends.

His mother was quoted as saying that Les gave her more trouble than all the others put together. She said, one memory in particular was when Les built a wooden cart from old pram wheels and some scrap wood. He then placed his Sister in it and pushed her down a hill. The pram went out of control and crashing into a car, hospitalising his Sister and causing considerable of damage to the car.

Moving on to 1952 Les started an apprenticeship at the London Transport Executive as a vehicle/coach builder. This was a 5 year apprenticeship. His starting pay at the age of 16 was 15 shillings a week rising to a grand total of 90 shillings at the age of 20.

In 1957 Les finished his apprenticeship and decided that it was not what he wanted to do, so he became a trainee draughtsman, much to the disappointment of his father. He joined a firm named Omes in Barnes and took to this very well by progressing over the years to a managerial position.

In 1961 he married his first wife Linda having 2 daughters Julie and Joanne.

Les eventually left Omes and went to work for himself. He went into the construction business and successfully built many Industrial units. He also put his draughtsman qualifications to good use and he drew the plans form the Maidenhead Golf Club which he subsequently had built.Les eventually decided he wished to become a Mason and on the 19 March 1979 he was initiated into the Downshire Lodge No 2437. Passed on the 19 February 1980 and Raised on the 18 January 1981.

He was Master of the Lodge of Peace and Friendship No 9275 in 2001 from which he later resigned.

He then became a member of the Moreland Lodge No 3066 where he spent many years as their Treasurer.

He progressed in Craft through the Provincial ranks ending with Past Provincial Grand Registrar. He spent 39 years as a Craft Mason.
In 1996 Les met Yvonne and they became engaged 10 years ago but sadly never found time to get married, something Yvonne regrets.
Les was Exalted into the Royal Archon the 18March 2004 and was First Principal in the St. Johns Chapter No 795 in 2009. He was also a member of the Berkshire 1st Principals Chapter No 3684. His last Provincial rank was that of PPAGSoj.

He spent 14 years as a member of the R/A.

During this period he was also a member of the Royal Ark Mariners, Linden Acre Lodge No 1568.

He was perfected into the St Cecilia Chapter No 811 in 2011 where he remained until his Passing. He died on the 12 December 2017. Aged 81.

During these later years in 1998 Les began using his skills by working as a Handyman/ Maintenance operator at the Sindlesham Masonic Centre where all those many years of skill and experience in the building trade made him invaluable.

Nothing was too much bother for him. Brother Les you will be sadly missed by all those who knew and worked with you.

Newly Perfected...

A Mecifi

Perfected 26th October 2018 into

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

S Graesser

Perfected 22nd October 2018 into

Albert Victor Chapter No.117

J MacGregor

Perfected 13th June 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

J Brunt

Perfected 25th May 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18


Nick Merzell 1948-2018

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

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John Emeny 2018

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

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Douglas Sulley 1931-2018

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

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