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Leonard James Bourne 1927-2016

St Cecilia Chapter No.811

Leonard James Bourne was born on the 9 September 1927 at Hastings, Sussex. He had a brother who was two older but is now is deceased. In 1945 Len was conscripted into the British Army and served two years in Italy and Palestine with the Royal Sussex Regiment. His early career was in banking and in 1943 he joined the Midland Bank and then in 1952 joined Barclays Bank and was posted to Uganda in an itinerant capacity with responsibility also for Ghana. He resigned in 1960 and joined the Uganda Coffee Marketing Board as an accountant. After Uganda’s independence in 1962 he joined the Distillers Company in Wales, as an accountant and returned to banking in 1973 with Lombard Bank, London. His title at this time was ‘Banking Official’. He retired in 1992.

Len was first married to Athena who died in 1992. He had a daughter from this marriage (Christine). He remarried Mary in 1996 and inherited four stepdaughters.

Len Bourne was initiated in Victoria Nyanza Lodge No. 3492 in 1964 and was passed and raised in Porthkerry Lodge No. 6299 (East Glamorgan) in 1966. He was a founding member of St David’s Lodge No. 8549 in 1974 and became Worshipful Master in 1979. He held the craft rank of PPJGW. He was Perfected into St Cecilia Rose Croix Chapter No. 811 on 2 December 1977 and became MWS in February 1988. He received his 30 degree in June 1989 his 31 degree in February 1996 and his 32 degree in December 2004. He was St Cecilia’s Recorder between 1995–2005. Len suffered a heart attack on the eve of the September 2014 meeting which caused paralysis on his right side. He was transferred from the Royal Berks Hospital to Barnstaple Hospital and then to the Fremington Manor Nursing Home where he died on Saturday 13 February at 10.00pm. The cause of death was recorded as age. He was created an Honorary Member in December 2014.


Len was a very courteous person and had high standards. He was quietly spoken and rarely showed signs of annoyance. In recent years he has lived in North Devon but still found time to travel to Sindlesham for both his Craft and Rose Croix meetings. During his retirement he has given much of his time voluntarily to Oxfam, the Princes Trust and SSAFA (Soldiers Sailors and Families Association). He has been a keen philatelist and until recently played the violin.


May he now rest in eternal peace as a rich reward for his labours.

Newly Perfected...

J MacGregor

Perfected 13th June 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

J Brunt

Perfected 25th May 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

M Leeke

Perfected 9th May 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

G Mitchell

Perfected 3rd May 2018 into

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

E Peirce

Perfected 27th April 2018 into

Sinodun Chapter No.548

M Cole

Perfected 27th April 2018 into

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

L Taylor

Perfected 20th April 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18


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St Cecilia Chapter No.811

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Wallingford Castle Chapter No.1165


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