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Windsor Castle No 252 - Report : 07th February 2019

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - 150th Meeting Report : 18th December 2018

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St Cecelia Chapter No 811 - Report : 07th December 2018

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Alan Bach Chaloner 1947-2015

St Cecilia Chapter No.811

Alan Bach CHALONER was born in Weymouth on 13 November 1947 and was the youngest of 11 children (four brothers and six sisters). His mother’s middle name was Bach and apparently she wrongly claimed to have been related to the German composer Johann Bach.


By his own admission, Alan was not academically endowed and found education difficult. However, on leaving school he obtained a five year electrical engineering apprenticeship with the Atomic Energy Authority at Winfrith in Dorset and sometime later joined the Geophysical Oil Exploration Company,working in Libya for a year, before returning to the UK and being employed by International Computers Limited who had established premises in Bracknell.


Alan married his lovely wife Patricia (nee Ling) in 1972 and they subsequently produced three sons, who all still live in the Bracknell area.


In 1987, Alan was made redundant from ICL and obtained further and varied employment from a number of small companies in the Bracknell and Reading areas.

Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2010 and was treated privately at the London Clinic. His prostate was removed successfully, but the cancer had spread to his bones and he continued to receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and experimental injections as part of his ongoing treatment. Whilst undergoing this treatment, he was further diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and this was successfully treated by the London Clinic. Towards the end of his treatment, the London Clinic said that they would like to try a new treatment, but by this time Alan had become exhausted and rejected the offer of any further treatment. This enabled him to write his own biography for the benefit of his family.


Alan joined the Reading Lodge of Union in 2006 and became Worshipful Master in 2012. He was a very keen & enthusiastic Mason, who was instrumental in introducing a large number of new Brethren to the Craft. He fulfilled his Mastership with great aplomb, despite already having been diagnosed with and receiving treatment for cancer.

He was also a member of Union Chapter No. 414 and was exalted on the 23 March 2010. He held the office of Scribe N in 2013/14. Alan was a very keen and well respected Royal Arch Mason and had every intention of progressing through to MEZ chair.


He was Perfected into St Cecilia Chapter on 7 December 2012 but due to his progressing illness was only able to attend a few meetings, which nevertheless he always enjoyed.

His wife Patricia, said that he got a tremendous amount of satisfaction and comfort in the darker days of his illness reading and reciting the rituals of the various orders, of which he was a member.

Alan passed to the Grand Chapter above on 29 September 2015 and his funeral service was held at Easthampstead Crematorium on 16 October 2015.

May he now rest in Eternal Peace as a rich reward for his labours of life.

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Albert Victor Chapter No.117


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