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Sinodun Chapter No 548 - Report : 28th September 2018

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - Report : 28th September 2018

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Donnington Castle Chapter No 856 - Report: 08th August 2018

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Norman Freed 1926-2015

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

Norman Freed was Norman Albert John FREED.
Was born on the 10th of October 1926
He worked at Huntly and Palmer where he started as an apprentice tool maker.
He was initiated into the Reading lodge of union 414 and raised on the 19th of April 1966
He was also a member of the Pegasus Lodge 2205 of the Metropolitan Grand Lodge.
He was proposed into Donnington castle on the 1st of May 1985 by Brother A.Gale and seconded by Brother V.Coles.
He was perfected on the 14th of October 1985
Norman was a passionate fisherman and also played bowls where he was secretary of his club for a number of years.
He was a loving husband to his late wife Dorothy.
He passed away on October 13th 2015. Leaving behind his sister Pam, niece Jane and nephew Nicholas
Having attended his funeral along with our MWS and our Almoner he was obviously a well-loved man as was evidence by the number of people there.

RIP 13th October 2015

Newly Perfected...

J MacGregor

Perfected 13th June 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

J Brunt

Perfected 25th May 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

M Leeke

Perfected 9th May 2018 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

G Mitchell

Perfected 3rd May 2018 into

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

E Peirce

Perfected 27th April 2018 into

Sinodun Chapter No.548

M Cole

Perfected 27th April 2018 into

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

L Taylor

Perfected 20th April 2018 into

Bombay Chapter No.18


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Les Wilson 1936-2017

St Cecilia Chapter No.811

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Peter Bird - 1934-2017

St. Cecilia Chapter No.811

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David Greenaway -16.08.2017

Wallingford Castle Chapter No.1165


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