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Wallingford Castle Chapter No 1165 - Report :   18th January 2020

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Wallingford Castle Chapter No 1165 - Report :   18th January 2020


The meeting was held at the Wallingford Masonic Centre, with 25 Brethren in attendance, including the District Recorder, Ill\Bro. Tony Rees 32°. There were 2 guests, Ill\Bro. Robin Trevett 31° of Windsor Castle Chapter No 252, and Ill\Bro. Leslie Matthews 31° of St. Cecilia chapter No. 811.


Following acceptance of the minutes of the last regular meeting, a eulogy for V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33° was given by the District Recorder, followed by a eulogy for Ill\Bro. Tony Clark 31°, given by Ill\ Bro. Raymond Head 32°. After the eulogies the Princes stood in silent tribute to departed merit.


Having been unavoidably absent from the Enthronement Meeting, E&P Bro. Ted Lewis 18° was invested as Captain of the Guard.


Following a successful ballot, E&P Bro. Glynn Jones 18°, was welcomed by the MWS as a joining member of the Chapter.


The MWS, E&P Bro. Tony Roberts 18°, then carried out fine rehearsal of the ceremony of Perfection; the joining member, E&P Bro. Glynn Jones 18° kindly volunteered to act as the candidate. The MWS was most ably assisted by E&P Bro. Peter Wells 18°, the Intermediate Degrees, and Ill\Bro. Alasdair Milne 32°, the explanation of the Collar, Signs and Words. Ill\Bro. Tony McGahan 32°, also acted as Marshall in the First Point. The District Recorder delivered the Accolade.


E&P Bro. Darren Grant 18° was presented with his Supreme Council certificate by the District Recorder.


The Almoner, Ill\Bro. Vincent Pearson 30° gave the Almoner’s report. Included were news about and also Ill\Bro. Roy Holmes (Prelate) 30° and his wife, Ill\Bro. Trevor Greene30° and E&P Bro. Ian Rolf 18°.  He also reminded Chapter members to take advantage of the forthcoming PSA testing at various Berkshire Masonic centres.   


Following a proposal by the Treasurer, E&P Bro. Robert Priest 18°, seconded by the Recorder, Ill\Bro. Dr. Michael Woolford 31°, the members voted in favour of Chapter subscriptions increasing. In addition, the members voted in favour of contributing £50.00 towards the cost of the coaches laid on from Sindlesham for the funeral of V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33°.


Following the collection of Alms and the Risings, the Third Point was conducted by the new MWS and the Chapter duly closed.


A most harmonious Festive Board followed where the usual Toasts were honoured.

Newly Perfected...

D Grant

Perfected 16th November 2019 into

Wallingford Castle Chapter No.1165

B Wedge

Perfected 29th September 2019 into

Bombay Chapter No.18


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