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Albert Victor Chapter No 117 - Report : 28th October 2019

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2019 Annual Church Service Report

Sunday, 27th October

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Albert Victor Chapter No 117 - Report : 28th October 2019


The meeting was held at Sindlesham and there were 25 in attendance, including the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33°, and 6 Guests, namely Ill\Bros.Tony Rees 32°, District Recorder, Bill Rhymes 31°(MWS 1075), Richard Orton 31° (252) and E & P Bros John Cooley  18° (MWS 18), Richard Morrell 18° (MWS 811) and Roger Tomlinson 18° (MWS 613).


The MWS, Ill\Bro. David Robinson 30°, opened the Chapter, with Ill\Bros. Raymond Head 32° and John Rixson 31°, acting as Treasurer and Raphael respectively. The District Recorder acted as IPMWS.


The MWS, Ill\Bro. David Robinson 30°, formally welcomed the Guests and offered the Inspector General the Baton, which was graciously declined.


The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 17th June 2019, having been previously circulated, were approved by the members.


The MWS then invested those officers who had been unavoidably absent at the Enthronement Meeting.


The District Recorder, Ill\Bro. Tony Rees 32°, presented a Supreme Council certificate to E & P Bro. John Teague 18°, in his usual excellent manner.


There then followed a demonstration of the Perfection Ceremony, conducted by the MWS, assisted by, E & P Bro. Tom Lea 18°, the Intermediate Degrees, Ill\Bro. Reg Austin 30°, the First Point and E & P Bro. David Colchester 18°, the explanation of the Collar, Signs and Words.


The Inspector General carried out the Accolade.


Due to the unavoidable absence of the Almoner, the Recorder, Ill\Bro. Reg Austin 30°, submitted a brief report which included an update on the health of the Almoner, Ill\Bro. Jimmy Edmundson 30°, E & P Bro. Gary Ivory 18° and indeed his own medical condition,following which the Alms were collected.


The Risings were conducted, wherein the Recorder delivered an appraisal of all correspondence received from Supreme Council and the District of Berkshire.


The Recorder reported on a letter of thanks received from Ill\Bro. John Rigby 32°, following his election to Honorary Membership.


The meeting was completed by the MWS performing the Third Point and the Closing of the Chapter, which was followed by an excellent Festive Board where the usual Toast List was honoured.

Newly Perfected...

D Grant

Perfected 16th November 2019 into

Wallingford Castle Chapter No.1165

B Wedge

Perfected 29th September 2019 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

W Daley

Perfected 06th September 2019 into

St Cecilia Chapter No.811


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Cyril Corbett 1927-2019

St Cecilia Chapter No.811

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John Brown 1932-2019

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

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Keith Rogers 1942-2019

Sinodun Chapter No.548

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Keith Rogers 1942-2019

Sinodun Chapter No.548

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