Wallingford Castle Chapter No 1165 - Report: 16th March 2019


The meeting was held on Saturday 16th March 2019, at the Wallingford Masonic Centre, with 21 Brethren in attendance, including the Inspector General V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33°. There were 3 guests, namely E&P Bros. Richard Morrell 18° ( MWS 811), John Macneil 18 ( IPMWS 811) and Glynn Jones 18° of Mount Calvary Chapter no. 3.


The District Recorder was unavoidably absent, completing his family holiday in Australia, where his daughter had recently presented him and Barbara with a new Grand Daughter.


The MWS, E & P Bro. Lyn Austen 18°, warmly welcomed the Inspector General and Visitors. He offered the IG the Baton, acceptance of which was graciously declined.


The minutes of the last regular meeting held on 19th January 2019, were proposed for adoption by Ill\Bro. Alasdair Milne 32°, seconded by Ill\Bro. Tony McGahan 32° and carried by the members. There were no matters arising.


The following Officers were then declared as elected for the ensuing year

  a) MWS E & P Bro. Anthony Roberts 18°

  b) Treasurer E & P Bro. Robert Priest 18°

  c) Account Examiners  Ill\ Roy Holmes 30°, Ian Blundell 30° and E & P Bro. Vince Pearson 18°


The MWS, E&P Bro. Lyn Austen 18°, then carried out an excellent rehearsal of the Ceremony of Perfection; a visitor, E&P Bro. Glynn Jones 18° kindly volunteered to act as the candidate. The MWS was most ably assisted by Ill\Bro.Tony McGahan 32° the Intermediate Degrees and E & P Bro. Tony Roberts 18°, the explanation of the Collar, Signs and Words. Ill\Bros Trevor Greene 30°, acted as Prelate, Alan Hopgood 30°, acted as Second General, Tony McGahan 32° as DC, Alasdair Milne 32° as Raphael, E&P Bros. Richard Orton 18° as Captain of the Guard and Robert Edmonds 18° as Outer Guard. The Inspector General delivered the Accolade.


The Almoner, Ill\Bro. Trevor Green 30° delivered his Almoner’s report, which included updates on Ill\Bro. Roy Holmes 30°, E & P Bros. Frank Hames 18°, Clive Blackburn 18°, Vince Pearson 18° and the wife of Peter King 18°. Also included was an update for a Chapter Book of Remembrance and cards to be issued by the Chapter for various events ( ie birthdays, sympathy, get well etc)

Following a Notice of Motion, the MWS proposed the sum of £250.00 be donated to the bursary fund at Yeldhall Manor, Hare Hatch, Berkshire. This was seconded by Ill\Bro. Alasdair Milne 32° and approved by the members.  


Following the collection of Alms and the Risings, the Third Point was conducted by the MWS and the Chapter duly closed.


A most harmonious Festive Board followed where the usual Toasts were honoured.