Windsor Castle No 252 - Report : 02nd May 2019

On Thursday 2nd May 2019, the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33° and Ill\Bro. Tony Rees 31°, the District Recorder, attended the meeting held at the Masonic Centre, Church Lane,Windsor. There were some 27 in attendance, including seven guests, including the District Recorder, Ill\Bros. Tom Halford 30° ( 166 &1186), John Machray 30°(18), Jimmy Edmundson 30° (117), Lindsay Maskell 30 (811), E & P Bros. Bob Britten 18° (MWS 613) and Lewellyn Austin 18° ( MWS 1165)


Ill\ Bros. Robin Trevett 31°, Bob Peel 30° and Richard Orton 31° and E & P Bro. Rev. David Joynes 18°,acted as First General, Second General, Raphael and Herald respectively.


Following the opening, the MWS, E & P Bro.Neil Coleman 18°, called upon Ill\Bro. Steve Talbot 30°, to deliver a Eulogy in respect of Ill\Bro. Robert Ebdon 32°, who had been called to the Grand Chapter Above on 23rd April 2019.


The MWS then warmly welcomed the IG and visiting Brethren. He offered the Baton to the IG which was graciously declined.


Ill\Bro. Robin Trevett 31°, proposed the minutes of the meeting held on 7th February 2019, be confirmed as a true record. This was seconded by Ill\Bro. Bob Peel 30° and carried by the members.


The MWS then invested the following, who had been unfortunately absent from the Enthronement Meeting:

                  E & P Bro. Rev. David Joynes 18°        Steward


A ballot was held in respect of Bro. Svetoslav Sevelinov Zakhariev  as a Candidate for Perfection, which proved in his favour.


The MWS proceeded to conduct the ceremony of Perfection for Bro. Svetoslav Zakhariev, ably assisted by, Ill\Bros. Graham Hutton 30°, Reception to the Intermediate Degrees, Steve Talbot 30°, the Intermediate Degrees, Peter Sands 30°, Second Point and Graham Hutton 30°, explanation of the Collar, Signs & Words.


The Inspector General carried out the Accolade.


The District Recorder, Ill\Bro. Tony Rees 31°, presented a Supreme Council certificate to E & P Bro. Sevelin Zakhariev 18°, in his usual excellent manner.



The Recorder, Ill\Bro. Roger Chandler 30°, declared Ill\Bro. Derek Stratford 32°, as MWS and Ill\Bro. Steve Talbot 30° as Treasurer  for the ensuing year, they being the only nominations.


Pursuant to the Notice of Motion given at the last meeting, a ballot was held in respect of  Ill\Bro.Tony Rees 31°, the District Recorder as an Honorary Member of the Chapter, which proved in his favour and for which he thanked the MWS and members.


The Almoner, Ill\Bro. Robin Trevett 31°, gave a detailed report, which included updates on Ill\Bros. Derek Stratford MBE 32°, Mike Brenton 30°, Paul Davey 30°, Richard Oldfield 18°, Gerald Price 18°, Tim Smith 18° and the wives of Richard Routledge RVM 31° and Derek Stratford MBE 32°.


This was followed by the collecting of Alms.


On the Risings, the Recorder delivered an appraisal of all correspondence received since the last meeting, from both Supreme Council and the District.


Ill\Bro. Peter Sands 30° was acclaimed in his new regalia, following promotion and warmly applauded by the assembled Brethren.


The Third Point was conducted by Ill\Bro. Michael Weeden 32°, following which the Chapter was closed in due form by the MWS.


The evening was concluded with yet another excellent meal at the Castle Hotel, enjoyed in the most convivial atmosphere, where the usual Toasts were honoured.