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Albert Victor Chapter No 117 - Report : 28th Feb 2019

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Windsor Castle No 252 - Report : 07th February 2019

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Sinodun Chapter No 548 - Report : 26th Jan 2018

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Sinodun Chapter No 548 - Report : 26th Jan 2018


The Enthronement meeting was held on 25th January 2019 at the Cosener’s House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 3JD. Due to other commitments the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Ernest Stone 33° and the District Recorder, Ill\Bro. Tony Rees 31°, were unable to attend and requested Ill\Bro. David Jarvis 32° to attend on their behalf.  There were 31 in attendance, including Ill\Bro. Raymond Head 32° (HM).and one other guest, namely Ill\Bro Dr M Woolford 31°(1165).  The MWS, E & P Bro. Phillip Mott 18° greeted all present, making a special mention to Ill\Bro. David Jarvis 32°.


Ill\Bro. C Norman 30°, acted as Marshal and E &P Bro. H Brooks 18°, as Raphael.


Before the Chapter was opened by the MWS E & P Bro. Phillip Mott 18° gave an interesting and moving Eulogy on behalf of Brother Sydney Charles Horne 17°, who was called to the Grand Chapter above on 7th December 2018. He was Perfected as a Serving Brother ( 17th Degree) on 28th April 1989, an office he held until 2002. May he now rest in Eternal Peace.


E & P Bro. K Rogers 18° proposed the minutes of the meeting held on Friday 28th September 2018, be confirmed as a true record. This was seconded by E & P Bro. J Finn 18° and carried by the members.


The Treasurer, E & P Bro. K Jones 18°, presented the audited accounts for year the ending 31st October 2018. Ill\Bro G Round 31°, proposed the adoption of the accounts, coupled with a vote of thanks to the Treasurer and Examiners. This was seconded by Ill\Bro. M Smith 30° and carried by the members.


Prior to commencing the Enthronement ceremony, the MWS, E & P Bro. Phillip Mott 18° thanked all his officers and the Princes for their tremendous support during his year as Sovereign.


The DC, Ill\Bro. M Inman 30° presented E & P Bro Keith Rogers 18° as MWS elect for the ensuing year. E & P Bro. Phillip Mott 18°, Enthroned  E & P Bro. Keith in an excellent manner. The new MWS then invested his officers and those elected by the Chapter with the authority of their respective office, as follows:



Prelate   Ill\Bro. G Round 31°
1st General    E & P Bro. J Finn 18°
2nd General   Ill\Bro. C Norman 30°
Treasurer    E & P Bro. K Jones 18° (Elected) 
Recorder   E & P Bro. P Painting 18°
DC   Ill\ Bro. M Inman 30°
Almoner   Ill\ Bro. M Smith 30°
Marshall   Ill\Bro. D Safin 30° (Absent)
Raphael  E & P Bro. E Glasby 18° (Absent)
ADC   Ill\ Bro. A Cathcart 30°   
Assistant Recorder   
Herald   E & P Bro. I Paling 18°
Capt of the Guard   E & P Bro. M Dixon 18°
Stewards   E & P Bro. R Goodchild 18°
    E & P Bro. H Brooks 18°
Outer Guard   Ill\ Bro. M Smith 30°


Ill\Bro. D Jarvis 32°, delivered the Address to the Chapter.


Alms were collected to the value £103


The M. W. S. rose for the first time.

Recorder noted information received from Supreme Council;
a - Annual Circular No 136.


The M. W. S. rose for the second time.
Recorder noted information received from the District;
a - Inspector General had sent his apologies for this evening sending everyone his best wished for the ceremony.
b - Letter of thanks from the DR following his attendance 30-09-2018.
c - Letter of thanks from IG regarding those who attended the church service
d - Circulation of autumn newsletter – issue number 10 from DR
e - Circulation of invite from DR to the Bombay Chapter 150th anniversary in December.
f - Circulation of the annual accounts.
g - New Year message from the IG.
h - Notification from Supreme Council about staffing changes 21-01-19.

M. W. S. rose for the third time.
Recorder noted the following;
a – Apologies of the absent brethren will be recorded in the minutes.
b - Resignation of Bro Stephen Beach – who has moved to the south coast.
c – Brethren reminded that early acknowledgement of attending would help the chef and his team at Coseners House.


Apologies were received from: V\Ill Bro. R Stone – Inspector General, Ill\Bro A Rees District Recorder, Ill Bros. G Squires, D McQueen, A Chambers, D Safin and E & P Bros. R Hunt, R Jones, C Hooker, B England, D Bolle, P Buck, F Gordon, A Needham, E Glasby.


The Third Point was conducted by the M.W.S. Keith Rogers and the Chapter was closed in due form and the Brethren retired in perfect harmony.

Newly Perfected...

J A Teague

Perfected 28th February 2019 into

Albert Victor Chapter No.117

S Zakhariev

Perfected 7th February 2019 into

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

A Mecifi

Perfected 26th October 2018 into

Maidenhead Chapter No.613


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David Barham 1940-2019

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