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Thames & Chiltern Chapter No 1075 - Report :   10th January 2019

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - 150th Meeting Report : 18th December 2018

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St Cecelia Chapter No 811 - Report : 07th December 2018

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Wallingford Castle Chapter No 1165 - Report: 18th November 2018

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2019-20 Promotions

The Inspector General is pleased to announce the following promotions...

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Maidenhead Chapter No 613 - Report : 26th October 2018

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Albert Victor Chapter No 117 - Report : 22nd October 2018

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - 150th Meeting Report : 18th December 2018


On Tuesday 18th December 2018, the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33°, attended the “Extraordinary Meeting”, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Chapter, held at the Berkshire Masonic Centre, Sindlesham.. There were some 76 in attendance, including numerous guests, amongst whom were the Grand Prior, M\Ill\Bro. Rev’d John Railton 33°, V\Ill\Bro. Francis Wakeham 33°, Inspector General for Wiltshire, Ill\Bro. Anthony Howlett-Bolton 30, OBE, Provincial Grand Master, Ill\Bro. Will Hale 32°, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, E & P Bro. Peter Sands 18°, Deputy Provincial Grand Master and MWS of Chapters Nos 117, 548, 613, 1075 & 1165.


The District Recorder was unavoidably absent, visiting his Daughter in Australia.


Following the opening, the Recorder read the dispensation and the MWS E & P Bro. Martin Wright 18°, warmly welcomed the visiting Brethren.


The Grand Prior, M\Ill\Bro.Rev’d John Railton 33°, was announced by the acting Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, Ill\Bro. Graham McGowan-Smyth 32° and entered the Chapter accompanied by the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33°, V\Ill\Bro. Francis Wakeham 33°, Inspector General for Wiltshire and the acting sword bearer, Ill\Bro. Will Hale 32°, Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies.


The MWS offered the baton to the Grand Prior, which was graciously declined with a few warm words of thanks.


E & P Bro. David Collis 18°, then read the minutes of the first or Consecration Meeting of the Bombay Chapter.


The Inspector General then gave a brief introduction to the purpose of the meeting, following which Ill\Bro. Graham McGowan-Smyth 32°, delivered a short but very informative history of the Bombay Chapter.

Ill\Bro. Graham McGowan-Smyth 32°, then presented a DC’s baton to the Chapter DC, Ill\Bro. David Jarvis 32°. This baton had been generously donated by Ill\Bro. Bill Nugent 31° and Ill\Bro. David Jarvis 32°, warmly thanked him for his gift to the Chapter.


E & P Bro. John Ferguson 18°, presented a £1000.00 cheque on behalf of the Chapter to Ill\Bro. Anthony Howlett-Bolton 30°,OBE, the Provincial Grand Master, for the Berkshire 2023 Festival and he suitably replied.


The Alms were collected following which the Third Point, comprising a double circle, was conducted by the Grand Prior.


Following the closing of the Chapter, the Princes retired to remove their regalia and the returned to the Chapter for a Service of Thanksgiving, conducted by Ill\Bro. Rev’d Michael Seymour-Jones 31°, with the Address given by the Grand Prior.


The evening was concluded with yet another excellent meal, enjoyed in the most convivial atmosphere, where the usual Toasts were honoured.


The MWS announced the Chapter had made further charitable donations to:

Prostate Cancer Appeal     £500

Parkinsons Association     £250


He also presented the Grand Prior with a booklet detailing the first 150 years of Bombay Chapter, a set of cuff links and a bottle of Bombay Gin, all of which were gratefully received.

Newly Perfected...

A Mecifi

Perfected 26th October 2018 into

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

S Graesser

Perfected 22nd October 2018 into

Albert Victor Chapter No.117


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Frank Barker - 1944-2018

Albert Victor Chapter No.117

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Nick Merzell 1948-2018

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

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John Emeny 2018

Maidenhead Chapter No.613

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