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St Cecelia Chapter No 811 - Report : 19th Feb 2018


Windsor Castle Chapter No 252 - Report: 01st Feb 2018


Sinodun Chapter No 548 - Report : 26th Jan 2018


Wallingford Castle Chapter No 1165 - Report: 20th Jan 2018


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Saturday May 5th


St Cecelia Chapter No 811 - Report : 19th Feb 2018


A meeting was held at Berkshire Masonic Centre, Sindlesham on Monday 19th February 2018, at which some 28 Brethren were in attendance, including the Inspector General, V\Ill\Bro. Roy Stone 33° and the District Recorder, Ill\Bro. Tony Rees 31°.


The meeting was further honoured with the presence of guests, namely, E & P Bros. Steve Bullett 18°, Graham Fields 18°, both of Piccadilly Chapter and Roger Tomlinson 18° of Maidenhead Chapter.


Following the opening of the Chapter, E & P Bro. David Lawrenson 18°, delivered a moving Eulogy in respect of our dear departed Brother, E & P Bro. Les Wilson 18°


The First General, E & P Bro.John MacNeil 18° proposed the adoption of the minutes of the meeting held on 1st December 2017. This was seconded by the Second General, E & P Bro. Richard Morrell 18° and carried by the members.


The District Recorder, Ill \Bro. Tony Rees 31°, presented a Supreme Council certificate to E & P Bro. John Knox 18°, in his usual excellent manner.


The MWS, Ill\Bro.Lindsay Maskell 30°, then carried out a fine Enthronement  Ceremony for E & P Bro. John MacNeil 18°,most ably assisted by Ill\Bro. Roger Jones 30°, with the explanation of the Rose attached to the Collarette.

E & P Bro. Colin Payne 18° acted as Marshall and E & P Bro. Steve Bullett 18°, as Raphael.


The new MWS then appointed and invested his officers and those elected by the Chapter with the authority of their office, as follows:

Prelate Ill\Bro. Paul Jenkins 30°
First General E & P Bro. Richard Morrell 18°
Second General E & P Bro. Colin Payne 18°
Treasurer Ill\Bro. Ian Holland 31°
Recorder Ill \Bro. Les Matthews 30°
DC Ill \Bro. Ray Duncan 30°
Almoner E & P Bro. David Lawrenson 18°
Marshall E & P Bro. Aaron Lawson 18° ( absent)
Raphael E & P Bro. Clive Litten 18°
ADC Ill \Bro. Richard Wood 30°
Asst.Recorder Ill \Bro. Lindsay Maskell 30°
Herald E & P Bro. Ray Sharp 18°
Organist Ill \Bro. Graham Seeman 31°
Capt of Guard E & P Bro. John Patey 18°
Stewards E & P Bro. Simon Williams 18°
  E & P Bro. Kevin Clark 18° ( absent)
  E & P Bro. John Knox 18°
Outer Guard E & P Bro. Paul Byron 18° ( absent)


The Inspector General delivered the Address to the Chapter.


There then followed the Almoners report, which had been circulated prior to the meeting and the collection of Alms was taken.


The Risings were then taken and the room prepared for the Third Point.


The Third Point was conducted by the Most Wise Sovereign.


The MWS closed the Chapter and a most enjoyable Festive Board followed in the Abbey Room, where the usual Toasts were duly honoured.

Newly Perfected...

R Joynes

Perfected 01st February 2018 into

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

G Church

Perfected 20th January 2018 into

Wallingford Castle Chapter No.1165

J Knox

Perfected 01st December 2017 into

St. Cecilia Chapter No.811

P Arthur

Perfected 18th November 2017 into

Wallingford Castle Chapter No.1165 


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Douglas Sulley 1931-2018

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252


Les Wilson 1936-2017

St Cecilia Chapter No.811


Peter Bird - 1934-2017

St. Cecilia Chapter No.811