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Windsor Castle No 252 - Report : 07th November 2019

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Albert Victor Chapter No 117 - Report : 28th October 2019

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2019 Annual Church Service Report

Sunday, 27th October

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Maidenhead Chapter No 613 - Report : 25th October 2019

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ROSE CROIX – The Ancient & Accepted Rite

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Bombay Chapter No 18 - Report : 29th September 2019

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Sinodun Chapter No 548 - Report : 27th September 2019

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St Cecilia Chapter No 811 - Report : 06th Sept 2019

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2019-20 Promotions

The Inspector General is pleased to announce the following promotions...


Awarded on 19th March 2019

Ill. Bro. M. Gibson to 30th Degree

Ill. Bro. V. Pearson to 30th Degree

Ill. Bro. P. Sands 30th to Degree


Awarded on 23rd April 2019 

Ill. Bro. J. Sirrell to 30th Degree


Awarded 4th June 2019

Ill. Bro. A Rees to 32nd Degree


Awarded 16th Sepember 2019

Ill. Bro. J MacNeil to 30th Degree

Ill. Bro. D Robinson to 30th Degree


To be awarded 6th November 2019

Ill. Bro. W Rhymes to 32nd Degree


To be awarded 4th December 2019

E&P Bro. P Mott to 30th Degree

Newly Perfected...

B Wedge

Perfected 29th September 2019 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

W Daley

Perfected 06th September 2019 into

St Cecilia Chapter No.811

S Hancock

Perfected 24th May 2019 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

J Savill

Perfected 24th May 2019 into

Bombay Chapter No.18

O Doe

Perfected 09th May 2019 into

Donnington Castle Chapter No.856


To read all obituaries, click here


Keith Tilling 1932-2019

Thames & Chiltern Chapter No.1075

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Peter Brenton 1941-2019

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

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Michael Bain 1939-2019

Bombay Chapter No.18

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