John Raymond Le Breton 1936-2013

John Raymond Le Breton was born in Jersey on 31 March 1936.

John followed a career in the local Finance industry - having commenced work - locally - in what was then called the General Post office, or GPO. He eventually progressed into the Jarsey Finance industry. When he retired he was working in a managerial position within the finance house known as Kleinwort Benson.

John followed an active Masonic career - firstly and mainly in Jersey - and latterly over the past few years - in Berkshire. He was a member in the Craft, Holy Royal Arch, and Rose Croix in Jersey and Berkshire, and in the Mark and Royal Ark Mariners in Berkshire.

At the time of his death, he was MEZ of St Hilda Chapter no 1887. And had he been well enough, was due to take the Chair of Wallingford Lodge of MMM in June of 2013.

John enjoyed his time in Freemasonry - both in Jersey and in the UK, and he will undoubtedly be missed in both Provinces.

John's loss was personal to me, having known him since I was 11 years old - when he joined as a trainee Scout Master in my Sea Troop based in St Albans Harbour. We got to know each other quite well after an incident in the harbour not long after he joined, when I accidentally fell from a boat into the water fully clothed - and he subsequently had to take me back home dressed in some of his spare clothes - to explain the situation to my father. At the time I think he may have been a little concerned about my father's possible reaction - but he shouldn't have worried - my father took one look at me and said something like "I expect he's done something stupid again". John agreed and afterwards they always got on.

John joined Freemasonry fairly late on, but was following a family tradition, in that his father and uncle were on the square, as was his cousin Robert Le Breton - later to become the Chief of States Police.

John worked hard at ritual in all the degrees he was a member of, and gave a creditable account of himself in any of the offices he held. He frequently spoke at our festive boards as he had a good line in after dinner stories and was one of those Brethren a DC could turn to at short notice to propose a toast after he had told one of his stories.

In the De Carteret Lodge he was obliged to stay on as WM for 2 consecutive years, a stiuation he took in his stride and for which the Lodge was grateful for.

John was a popular man and there is no doubt he will be sadly missed, both in the Province of Jersey and the Province of Berkshire.

He passed to the Grand Lodge above at 11pm on Saturday 6th July 2013, his 78th year, and leaves behind a wife Ann and two adult children, Jayne and Ian.


Derek Upton

Aug 2013