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St Cecilia Chapter No 811 - Report : 06th Sept 2019

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Thames & Chiltern Chapter No 1075 - Report :   04th July 2019

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Maidenhead Chapter No 613 - Report : 28th June 2019

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Michael Bain 1939-2019

Bombay Chapter No.18

Ill.Bro. Michael John Sidney Bain 30°

Born 14th June 1939 : Died 2nd June 2019

Mike joined freemasonry via Engineers Lodge on the 6th January 1969. From the date you will notice that both Mike and the Lodge recently enjoyed their 50th anniversaries.
He had a break from freemasonry but came back to become master of the lodge in 1998. Along the way he joined other sections of freemasonry namely – Engineers Royal Arch Chapter a Bombay Rose Croix. He also joined Orpheus Lodge which meets in London. He became the “Master” in all three.

In Engineers he continued to be of service and became Almoner in 2002 – a post he held until 2018. He was very good at it!


In January 2019 he was given a field promotion by the PGM to the rank of PPJGW.

Mike has left many reminders of his skill as an engineer, machinist and wood turner. He has enhanced our organisation with a number of items namely –
A Plate of Gold for the Royal Arch (actually made of brass)
A Ceremonial Stand for the Rose Croix
A Notice Board for Engineers Lodge.
There are many more!

A number of us go along to a practice session approx. every 2 weeks to learn what we need to do at the regular meetings. We all used to make mistakes and laugh at and with each other. Somehow Mike’s mistakes were the funniest. He had a tendency to put his foot in it!

It has to be said ‘Most of the time we loved him but sometimes we could strangle him’.

For example - He was a terrible back seat driver. Klaus used to drive him to the Orpheus Lodge in London – Mike always knew the best lane to be in, a short cut etc. Most of the time it never worked out. Many a time Klaus was tempted to leave him at the kerbside!

At the preparations of the lodge’s 50th anniversary he announced that he would donate the cost of a ceremonial collar for the master to wear in the years ahead. It was a generous gesture but he did not tell us that he was going to make it himself. This was at the time when his health was going downhill, shaking etc. Many of the members were summoned to his house to see the progress being made and the many technical problems. We did not think that it would be finished in time. Our worries were unfounded. It is a wonderful heirloom.

He was rightly proud of his workshop and liked to show it off.

He showed me many kindness’s over the years – this is not the time and place to go into those.

The many freemasons here today will remember him with affection.

Delivered by Ill\Bro. Ron Stone 31° at Mike's funeral on 3rd July 2019.

Newly Perfected...

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Perfected 06th September 2019 into

St Cecilia Chapter No.811

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Bombay Chapter No.18

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Bombay Chapter No.18

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Donnington Castle Chapter No.856

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Windsor Castle Chapter No.252

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Sinodun Chapter No.548


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Michael Bain 1939-2019

Bombay Chapter No.18

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