Douglas Sulley 1931-2018

Windsor Castle Chapter No.252


Ill\Bro.Doulas Sulley 30°, known to his many friends as 'Doug', died suddenly on January 26th 2018 from a massive heart attack. He was born on March 15th 1931, and Initiated in 1969 in Hunterscombe Lodge No.8264 in Buckinghamshire, serving Freemasonry for just a little less than fifty years.


Doug was perfected in Windsor Castle Chapter Rose Croix No.252 in 1992, and he diligently progressed through the various offices to become its Most Wise Sovereign in 2002, following which, in 2004 he received the 30°. He continued to support and serve the Chapter and became its Treasurer in 2007, a role he filled until 2015 with his usual precision and efficiency. His excellent service to the Chapter was further recognised and he was to have received the very well deserved honour of the 31° from the Supreme Council 33° on February 13th 2018. But sadly, fate decreed otherwise.


Sadly, Doug's Mother Lodge, Hunterscombe, in which he was its first Initiate to become Master, surrendered its Warrant in 2016 and subsequently last October he became a Joining Member of Windsor Castle Lodge No.771, but ill health allowed him to attend just the one meeting.


The Royal Arch was another of Doug's interests and he was Exalted into Windsor Castle Chapter No.771 in 1971, progressed to become its First Principal in 1981 and was its Treasurer from 1987 until 2002, and was also highly respected member of Berkshire First Principals Chapter No.3684.


In his business life, Doug had a long and successful career with Black & Decker and progressed to become a senior marketing executive.

He was married to Anita, a Swiss lady, and lived in Chapter Mews, Windsor. Anita and her family are in our thoughts and prayers.

For some years he worked in the Royal Archives, Windsor Castle, and as his home was in part of the Chapel community, it was fitting that his well attended funeral service was held in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, on February 20th 2018.


Doug was a good man, a credit to Freemasonry, and a person who made a significant contribution to making our world a better place. He is sorely missed by us all.


Requiescat in Pace.


Michael Weeden, Windsor Castle Chapter RC No.252

February 2018